About Us

We have practiced in antitrust and finance groups of corporate law firms and have represented companies and insiders in initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions and corporate compliance.  With this extensive experience, we combine expertise and knowledge of the judicial system with the intricacies of the inside workings of corporations to ensure that you will always have first rate representation.

Our mission is to hold corporations and their insiders accountable.  We have achieved substantial recoveries and benefits on behalf of stockholders in securities class actions, and in buyout and derivative cases.  Similarly, we have obtained favorable outcomes on behalf of small businesses and individuals in antitrust and consumer fraud cases.  In all of this, the dignity and interests of our clients has been our first concern.

Our representation of your rights is strictly on a contingency basis.  You will not be responsible for any fees or costs under any circumstance.  We are paid only if we get a favorable outcome on your behalf.  This can be a monetary or other substantial benefit, ensuring that our interests will be aligned with yours.