John D. Blythin

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John D. Blythin  (“JD”) represents shareholders in securities class actions, and in buyout and derivative cases.  JD also represents small businesses and individuals in antitrust and consumer fraud cases.  JD has litigated hundreds of consumer fraud cases involving debt collection, credit cards, insurance and mortgages.

JD has helped to win substantial recoveries on behalf of shareholders and consumers.  Highlights include:

MckINNIE V. CHASE BANK  Represented consumers in this action against Chase Bank.  Settlement of $2.1 Million.

ORI V. FIFTH THIRD BANK AND FISERVE, INC. Represented a nationwide class in this consumer class action. Settlement over $3 million.

IN RE: RAYOVAC, INC. SECURITIES LITIGATION  Acted as local counsel in this action against Rayovac.  Settlement of $4 million.

IN RE OCEAN BANK FINANCIAL CORP. PRE-SCREENING LITIGATION   Represented consumers in this action against Ocean Bank under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

BERNAL V. AMERICAN MONEY CENTERS, INC.  Represented consumers in this action against American Money under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

BEATTIE V. CAPITAL ONE BANK  Represnted consumers in this aciton against Capital One under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act