QuantumScape Corporation

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Ademi LLP is investigating possible securities fraud claims against QuantumScape (NASDAQ: QS) resulting from inaccurate statements QuantumScape made regarding its business operations and prospects. 

The investigation focuses on whether QuantumScape properly disclosed the significant limitations of its solid-state battery products in order to be acceptable for real world field electric vehicle performance. Specifically, according to a Seeking Alpha research report, QuantumScape’s solid state battery products (i) last only for “260 cycles or about 75,000 miles of aggressive driving”, (ii) have a daily range of only about “75-100 miles at full capacity in winter temperature conditions”, (iii) will charge only to 5% in 15 minutes rather than 80% at 15 minutes in winter conditions, and (iv) will have an energy density lower than competitors.