The stock price is up ten, twenty percent (even more), but you know the price is nowhere near what the company is worth or, worse, nowhere near what you paid for the stock. 

It is an insider’s game.  More often than not, the buyout of your company has been negotiated with their interests and advancement in mind, not yours.  Only in the rarest of instances will your company be sold in a completely open auction process, where the deciding and only factor is the price being offered.  Most of the time, management will be just as interested in how the deal helps them realize their severance packages and advance their futures.  An inherent conflict of interest exists and that conflict will cost you money. 

Insiders have the burden to justify the price and the method of the sale of your company.  You need not sit by and accept their judgment from up on high.

We want to help you to hold them to that burden, whether that involves pressuring the buyer to increase their offer, opening the bidding process to other potential buyers,  or obtaining full disclosure of the decision and method of the sale to ensure fairness.

We challenge buyouts across the country on behalf of individual shareholders.  Highlights include:

Metavante Technologies, Inc.

Co-Lead counsel resulting in  disclosures to shareholders.

 Gehl Company,

Counsel in this action resulting in disclosures to shareholders.