Stock Frauds

You are not to blame.  You did all of the research.  You believed the company's representations, and diligently invested your hard earned money.  You acted in good faith.   And now you are sitting on an appalling loss because of the company's 'revision', its 'unexpected announcement' or its shocking 'restatement'.

You are not alone.  We can help you.

Stock fraud is as old as stock markets.  The recent financial debacles tell us that government is helpless or, worse, rescues those responsible using our money.  In this upside down world, we want to help you recover losses and hold those responsible accountable.

We file securities class actions across the country on behalf of individual investors.  We use federal and state laws to level the playing field.   Highlights include:

DHB Inc.

Represented a lead plaintiff against DHB Inc. and certain of its insiders  Settlement of more than $40 million, including substantial payments by management insiders.

Spiegel, Inc.

Co-Lead counsel against Spiegel Inc.  Settlement of $17.5 million, representing nearly 50% recovery and despite Spiegel filing for bankruptcy protection.

eFunds Corporation

Co-Lead counsel against eFunds.  Settlement of $2.5 million despite dismissal on summary judgment.

Quovadx Inc.

Represented lead plaintiff against Quovadx.  Settlement of $9 million representing nearly 50% recovery.

Northwestern Corp.

Represented secondary offering shareholders and certain bondholders.  Settlement of $40 million.